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Conception of an E-Learning CBT-Framework



Prof. Dr. Rainer Kelch1


Abstract: The planned CBT-Framework should facilitate the use of CBT-Programs, which support the solving process for diverse requirements in fact, but follow an analogous methodologically and didactically approach. The framework should not only enable a unified look-and-feel for the user, but should also facilitate creating and embedding of new products for the developer by designing these products according to similar principles. Currently the framework is realized Flash-based. Old and approved CBT-programs should be embedded after a redesign. In the moment ten different CBT-programs are available, coming from areas related to computer science, like programming, design of combinatorial and sequential circuit, modelling, optimization and arithmetic. In the following report the planned mode of operation and architecture of the CBTframework will be explained at a glance. Additionally the realized and planned general features will be illustrated with the help of the web-based SAP UI-technology BSP (Business Server Pages), realized with the “E-Learning-BSP”-product. For teaching BSP-Programming, there is a big support needs for learning the correct data flow programming. A simulation editor enables to get focused on learning the four different data flow techniques.

Key words: CBT-Programs, E-Learning, SAP-Business Server Pages, BSP, Simulation Editor. 


1 Fakultät für Informatik. Hochschule Augsburg rainer.kelch@hs-augsburg.de