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IPR88 Uirapuru – Common bean

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13082/1984-7033.v01n02a11



Vania Moda-Cirino1, Lourenço Oliari1, Marco A. Lollato1 & Nelson S. Fonseca Júnior1


Abstract: IPR88 Uirapuru, developed by the Agronomic Institute of Paraná State (IAPAR), is a common bean cultivar with broad adaptation, high yield potential, erect stems and branches, which favors direct mechanical harvesting. It has become a new alternative for cultivars of the black commercial group. It flowers and reaches maturity at 43 and 86 days after germination, respectively. It is resistant to the common mosaic virus, rust and powdery mildew. It has also shown moderately tolerance to high temperatures and water stress, which may occur during the reproductive stage.

Key words: Phaseolus vulgaris, common bean, cultivar description, seed production


1 Instituto Agronômico do Paraná (IAPAR), Área de Melhoramento e Genética Vegetal, Caixa Postal 481, CEP 86001-970, Londrina – PR, Brasil. E-mail:vamoci@pr.gov.br


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