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BRS Bonança: Upland Rice Cultivar

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13082/1984-7033.v01n04a11



Evaldo P. Sant’Ana1, Orlando P. Morais1, Emílio M. Castro1, Elcio P. Guimarães1, Francisco P. Moura Neto1, Flávio Breseghello1, José A. Pereira2, Job C. Wanderley3 & Nara R. G. Souza4


Abstract: BRS Bonança is an upland rice cultivar developed by Embrapa Rice and Beans and recommended for sowing in the states of Goiás, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, and Piauí. BRS Bonança average grain yields were higher than the checks; flowered 80 days after germination; presented good cooking quality and resistance to the main rice diseases.

Key words: Oryza sativa, cultiivar characteristics, seed production


1 Brazilian Corporation for Agricultural Research, National Rice and Beans Research Center - Embrapa Rice & Beans, P.O. Box 179, CEP 75375-000 Santo Antonio de Goiás, GO, Brazil. E-mail: eguimara@cnpaf.embrapa.br
2 Embrapa Mid-North
3 Rural Agency for the State of Goiás
4 State Enterprise for Research and Extension for the State of Mato Grosso


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